Appreciate Greatness

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As sports fans, we all love to focus on the negative. It's so much more fun, if we get to talk about someone choking, rather than an all-time great performance. That's not really an issue, it's just how we are all wired. 

But sometimes, we all should put that hate away, take a seat and appreciate the pure brilliance a sport such as basketball can bring. The pure joy, happiness, anxiety, relief and even the unbelievable sadness. Sport is an amazing thing, something that I'm unsure I could actually live without, so it's time to treat it like that. 

Sunday night's game 7 was something out of a fairy tale and it illustrated just how beautiful sport can be. Sunday's epic gave us a story line that barely anyone could dream up. Just imagine if after game 4, that a man who formerly stabbed his home city in the back, returned to conquer a 73 win Goliath that was hoping to claim the greatest team of all-time mantle. This was after they went down 3-1, a deficit that no team in NBA Finals history has come back from. That's a story Walt Disney would've turned away because it was too unrealistic.

But that's the thing about sports, anything can happen

Just as Leicester City won the Premier League this year, sports delivered something unbelievably awesome, something that no one can hate on. Except...some people, even in the wake of one of the greatest basketball stories ever, manage to find a way to take away from it. So let's get a couple of things sorted...

No Golden State didn't 'choke'. The term 'choke' is one used only by absolute idiots in the sports world. These people can't seem to believe that in sports, there is a second team playing. In this case, the Dubs did not lose the championship, Cleveland snatched it away. They outplayed the Warriors fair and square. Why can't we just accept that a team or player doesn't have to choke to lose a basketball game? Why can't we just admit that a team was better. Cleveland won this series with plays and performances that would've won them just about any championship. 

The other common grounds for hating on this Finals series is LeBron James. Everyone loves to bring up LeBron's Finals record, his choking history and his tainted legacy. Still, even after game 7, there are still some idiots to be found calling out LeBron and not appreciating what he did. So I've got a message for these people: you cannot critique this man any more. It's over, no more crying Jordan memes, his legacy is forever sealed. I mean, he single-handedly ended the 52 year Cleveland sports curse, delivered on his promise and conquered one of the greatest teams of all-time from an impossible position. He has reached the summit, never question his greatness again.

Lastly, there will be people that are going to say that the NBA is rigged and all of that. Well, that's what's great about sports and basketball in particular. Sometimes, it's so awesome and unpredictable, it has to be rigged, right? Nope, that's just the nature of sport, it's great isn't it. If you still don't want to accept it, just read this great article by my main man Fox Doucette, over at Pace and Space.

After this epic game, unbelieveable series and season, all we should do is be grateful. Be grateful that you were here to witness that game 7, be happy that you were there to see out the greatest season in NBA history, with Kobe's swan song, potentially Duncan's too, the 73 win mark that by the way isn't in vein (it's still an amazing feat that does mean a thing without a ring). Just embrace in the fact that you were there to see Stephen Curry's apex, the epic Golden State vs Oklahoma City series and the insane ending the season finished on.

Be happy for Cleveland, instead of hating on that city and their star man. Be happy that they are adding a new chapter to their sporting history. 52 years of heartbreak is over. Feel overjoyed at the fact that this is now how Cleveland's history reads:

'The Fumble'

'The Drive'

'The Decision' 

And now, 'The Block'

Instead of growing frustrated.

Throw your hate away and just appreciate how beautiful basketball and sport can be, just as Sunday showed beyond anyone's imagination.

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